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Staff Nurse Entrance exam Coaching at Dr. Pal Nursing Academy Chandigarh is a bridge course for staff nurse, specially designed to assure recruitment for staff nurse in All India Level Government and National Hospitals.

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Course of Staff Nurse exam (Bridge course for staff nurse)

Staff Nursing Coaching

Nursing as a profession has been one of the most opted options these days. Closest to the doctor, a nurse supervises all happening in a medical case.
Nursing has drawn in candidates who are interested in saving lives. Not only that, the profession teaches you a lot of other good traits. Being associated with the medical industry, Nursing also dives deep into the intricacies of the industry.
You learn how to aid a doctor, and in some cases, be the doctor yourself. The job focuses on the care of families and individuals, so they attain, maintain and recover optimal and the quality of life. There have been many traditionally set beliefs for a nurse, but these beliefs are slowly changing.
The best part about the profession: a nurse and doctor are on the same platform and are equally responsible for every medical emergency they handle.
Being a nurse is tough as it tests your patience and expertise in the field. You are expected to know everything about a particular case. With the intricacies of the profession being so tight, a nurse has enormous responsibilities.
The profession stands as an example to the famous quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The dawn of the 21st century has thrashed the existing stigmas related to the job. The last century saw the development of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for nursing.
The desire of being associated with the health sector led to the establishment of various institutions that taught and trained budding nurses.
Nursing has become one of the most vibrant professions in the medical field. You get to interact with the families and the public in general and know a medical case from their view — nurses practice in hospitals, homes, schools, and pharmaceutical corporate houses.
Many nurses are also eligible for practicing health advocacy and patient advocacy, while some even choose to work with legal attorneys as a private health consultant.
With the digitization of the sector, nurses are also delving into research and development. You get to explore a myriad of opportunities while studying nursing as an undergraduate course. To become a good nurse, you require dedication and diligence. You have to do your work correctly to stand out from the crowd as a nurse.
There are many educational institutions under the banner of the Government of India, which impart education on Nursing.
The Government of India conducts exams annually for staff nurse recruitment. These exams judge a student’s ability to handle the pressure of being a nurse.
The exam follows a proper three-round framework involving MCQs, interviews, and tests of practical knowledge. All India Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the most prestigious institutions which conducts its staff nurse recruitment exam. The profession nurtures a person and helps you be a better version of yourself.

Course of staff nurse

Eligibility for staff nurse course

Qualification for staff nurse course

Topics Covered in Course of Staff Nurse exam (Bridge course for staff nurse)

  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Nurse Research and nursing Administration
  • Fundamentals of Nursing

There are several government bodies in every state of India that exams to recruit nurses in government hospitals. We at Pal nursing Academy provide coaching for the following:-

Course of staff nurse

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for AIIMS

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for  PGIMER

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for CRPF

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for HSSC

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for HPPSC

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for  ESIC

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for DSSSB

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for  JIPMER

Course of Staff Nurse Exam for  NHM

Nanny Visa
Nursing Entrance

Staff Nursing Recruitment Exams: There are several government bodies in every state of India that exams to recruit nurses in government hospitals, education industries, and other official positions. The entrance exams are conducted to select suitable candidates for the roles. The exam includes multi-choice questions, interviews, and tests of practical knowledge of individuals if required. Therefore, it’s necessary to get training from a trusted name in the field.


Our teaching methods are designed to provide the best understanding of the concept and pattern of entrance exams. 


Coaching material: At Dr. Pal’s Nursing Academy we provide complete guidance on the study material. Students often find it difficult to choose suitable material for the preparation of exams as it is crucial to saving their time and energy. During the class session, students are given instructions about the tips and tricks obligates to pass out the entrance exam. The coaching material is divided into categories and subcategories for a better understanding of the students. Most of the syllabus is covered in the class and students are given questions for practice at home additionally.

  • Previous papers: The coaching is given under the standard followed in the previous exams. The students are given revision classed based on the previous exams to evaluate the level of their knowledge and comprehension. This helps them significantly to set their goals for the entrance exam.
  • Exam updates: It is extremely important to provide students with the recent updates in the policies, requirements, and patterns of the exams. This is happening because the number of students is appearing in the entrance exam every year and stringent rules are being followed by the institutes.
  • Questions and Answers: There are several types of the question may appear in the exam.  If one understands the pattern of the exam, it becomes easy to prepare. Our academy is committed to providing sophisticated training on all types of questions and answers to make dreams of our candidates real.
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